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Un jeu de prononciation: Juliet and Jean-Baptiste use some weather phrases to help pronunciation. L'histoire: 'Clara et l'arc-en-ciel' - click to download mp3. After some time the rain stops, the sun comes out and there is a beautiful rainbow.

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It looks as though Achille will get a walk after all. It has been written for 9 to 11 year olds who have been learning French for one or two years. However, teachers may also find that aspects of the programmes are suitable for younger language learners. Further information and guidance on using the content.

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The topics are meals and the family. The topics are sports and days of the week. The topic is hobbies.

See all episodes from Radio Labo. KS2 French: 5. Le quiz de Radio Labo.

Game: Jeu de ping pong. Game: 'Jeu de ping-pong' - click to download mp3 Game: 'Ping-pong' In this game, children listen to a weather phrase. Voir ci-dessus fig.

■(TB) 'Pluie D'Or'

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Elles remontent ensuite. Contents - Previous document - Next document.

Petit apéro en regardant la pluie tomber - Picture of La Karafe, Bayonne

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