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Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. I find a version of the exercise online that encourages me to write continuously about my future BPS for 15 minutes. This is what I end up with:. He is called Charles and even though this is his only duty, I pay him an absurdly generous salary, because that is what I am like.

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Thanks to my extreme generosity, Charles has come to regard me as foolish and out of touch. He has recently started to steal small amounts of money from me, along with some of the free luxury items I am often sent as a result of being a celebrated writer, which Charles thinks I will not miss. I am not really interested in unsolicited luxury items, since I have everything I want already: an enviable career, rippling abdominal muscles, a special room for my awards.

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And I never have to spend a second reading or responding to emails. Every morning I wake up feeling excited about the challenges that lie ahead, and every night I go to bed grateful that the only real source of anxiety in my life is the upcoming talk I need to have with Charles about him taking the piss. One of the simplest strategies for increasing optimism is avoiding the company of other pessimistic people. I figure that I have a headstart here, in that I already avoid the company of most people.

The doorbell rings. Then I think: stop that. The man at the door has a package for me. But Perry is adamant about the benefits of the practice. Life coach and psychologist Dr Sally Ann Law offers similar advice. I spend five minutes thinking about my Best Possible Self, putting off my difficult talk with Charles for another day. Without the gratitude journal, I would have probably forgotten about the moment. There are endless online articles compiling strategies to increase optimism.

Other advice includes the acquisition of a positive mantra — something inspirational I can repeat to drive out pessimistic thoughts. And that is why I succeed.

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Those lines seem tailor-made for the reluctant optimist, because they encapsulate something counterintuitive about outlook: we tend to think of pessimists as being better prepared for setbacks, but in truth it is the optimists who prove more resilient. A Buffalo Bills fan in August.

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Optimist Bills fan, " The bills are going all the way this year! We've got Doug Flutie! That guy is an optimist! One who usually expects a favorable outcome. One who looks on the bright side of things, or takes hopeful views.

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This makes Aaron a fucking tard and wrong. Optimist unknown. The idea that everything is best , and all things happen for a greater purpose. In other words, a waste of time. Oh, look, there's an optimist on the street thinking he will one day be able to walk and live like a normal person when he's a paraplegic with no arms, legs, and the speech ability of Helen Keller.

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An optimist is Some person who comes home finds thier back door broken into and thinks a surprise partys been arranged for them.