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Welcome to Survivor: Idol Island! Survivor: Musical Idols. Eliminations are now called Cirie-nations. Scary thing is I feel like Jeff would be all on board for this. Wow, you weren't far off for S The Wardog. Natalie, Natalie, Natalie You really took me there. Featuring 3 Returning Players to represent Bird People. More posts from the survivor community. Apr 18, Cake Day. Information and discussion about the greatest show in television history: Survivor!

Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy. In addition, there are unique challenges for you, your baby, your loved ones and your treating medical team in managing both your pregnancy and your blood cancer or blood disorder. We recommend you refer to the sections that apply to you.

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  6. A blood cancer or blood disorder diagnosis can have a significant impact on your wellbeing, creating feelings of shock, fear and uncertainty. When a blood cancer or disorder develops during pregnancy, the effect on your psychological and emotional wellbeing is increased and your ability to cope with day to day activities and responsibilities is challenged. Pregnancy in itself can be a time of increased stress and worry. This is due to a range of physical, psychological and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy.

    Worry and fear of childbirth or concerns about the healthy development of your baby are normal emotions experienced during pregnancy. Lack of sleep or nausea and vomiting can also increase stress levels and decrease your coping abilities. It is important for you to talk about how you are feeling with your loved ones and your medical team. Sharing your feelings can help ease your concerns and can help you to understand that your fears and worries are normal.

    There are a number of strategies you can use to help you increase your ability to cope. These can include light exercise such as walking, adequate sleep, a balanced diet, meditation or talking to other pregnant women. Remember to use strategies that work best for you. If you are experiencing a sense of hopelessness or you feel you are not coping it is important to speak to your medical team.

    Support will increase your overall physical and psychological wellbeing. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or just feel like you are not coping, you are not alone.

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    A counsellor or a psychologist may be helpful and are best placed to provide you with the coping strategies you need to manage your way through your pregnancy and diagnosis. It is important for the wellbeing of both yourself and your baby that you speak to your GP, haematologist or other treating medical specialist about getting the support you need.

    Your treating medical team are the best people to advise you of the tests available to you and of any risks relevant to your specific circumstances. Treatment options may vary depending on the stage of your pregnancy and the type of blood cancer or blood disorder you have been diagnosed with. Your health is at the forefront of all treatment options with the primary aim being to reduce any treatment side-effects to you and your baby. However, there are a number of chemotherapy agents and medications that can be used during the first trimester of pregnancy.

    The killer was only a few feet away from them but didn't discover them or shoot through the door as they expected he would. Harald, the man back in Oslo who was mourning the death of his son in a base-jumping accident, only went to the office by chance that day as he should have been on vacation. That was his bad luck. He was five minutes earlier than he planned — and that was his good luck. Appel's idea for the documentary preceded the massacre on Utoya.

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    Sounding just a little like the grim reaper, the Dutch documentary maker tells me he was waiting for a disaster. At first, he thought the massacre was too big a story for him but when he went to Norway a few weeks after the massacre, he quickly found the stories he was looking for.

    The film features some very grim amateur footage, shot shakily on mobile phone from the mainland as the killings were underway. Ritah, the Ugandan girl who was pregnant at the time of the shootings, tells Appel she was determined to stay alive for the sake of her unborn child. She also regarded the child as her guardian angel and credits him with her survival.

    At the outset, the director told his potential interviewees the theme of his film. This was not a commercial movie. It wasn't going to feature reconstructions. In the lights of events on Utoya, Appel was asking the youngsters and the parents of the murdered Tamta to reflect on their feelings about fate. Appel is one of the most respected documentary makers in the Netherlands.

    His previous films include The Last Victory , a documentary about the Palio the horse race round the centre of Siena and The Player , an autobiographical film inspired by his father's obsessive and destructive gambling. Wrong Time Wrong Place doesn't make sense out of what happened on that July day. How could it? As for the "luck" that meant some survived while others didn't, the film doesn't have any glib explanations for that either.

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    Jeff Chance ~ I Can't Put My Arms Around A Memory

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    June – The Whiskey Au Go Go Massacre

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